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Idaho Policy Institute

In a report requested by Idaho’s legislative budget writers, researchers at Boise State’s Idaho Policy Institute evaluated the effectiveness of the state’s Literacy Intervention Program. The report, “Literacy Intervention Program Evaluation 2019,” examines the program in the context of early childhood literacy efforts in Idaho, discussing its design, use of funds and effectiveness during its first two years.

Researchers who worked on the project included: Matthew May, senior research associate; Lance McGinnis-Brown, research associate; McAllister Hall, graduate research assistant, Benjamin Larsen research associate; and Vanessa Crossgrove Fry, research director of the institute.

Report authors noted that “generally speaking, the program has been well-designed.” They did, however, find limitations in the program, specifically in its financial data reporting and intervention plan submission processes.

The IPI report was discussed in an Idaho Education News piece titled, “Idaho’s Literacy Program: A Politically Popular Work in Progress.”