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Vanessa Crossgrove Fry

Vanessa Fry

Vanessa Crossgrove Fry, an assistant research professor and research director of the Idaho Policy Institute, was interviewed by Idaho Housing and Finance on the topic the eviction rate in Idaho. The article, “Boise State study hopes to paint a clearer picture of Idaho’s eviction rate,” looks at eviction and the cyclical effect it can cause.

“It’s not just a symptom of poverty, it’s a cause of poverty. Once you have an eviction on your record, what the research shows is you’re more likely to slip into poverty than if you don’t because it’s really hard for you to access other housing opportunities,” Fry said.

In her work studying eviction data, Fry teamed up with Matthew Desmond of Princeton University. Fry also has studied the effects and cost savings of Housing First as well as Ada County’s homelessness service provider network.