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Students Earn Awards at Computational Science, Engineering Conference

Boise State University was well represented at the 2019 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Computational Science and Engineering Conference (CSE) held Feb. 25-March 1 in Spokane, Washington. With approximately 3,500 attendees, SIAM CSE is the largest meeting of researchers from academia, government labs and industry working in the field of computational science and engineering.

Photo of Andrew Jones
Student Andrew Jones presents his poster

Computing PhD students Kathryn Drake and Andrew Jones both were awarded highly competitive travel award prizes from SIAM to attend the meeting, and mathematics graduate student Daniel Malmuth was awarded a travel award from the BSU Graduate College. Kathryn Drake also won the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Best Poster Prize at the meeting.

Photo of Kathryn Drake
Student Kathryn Drake presents her poster

For an entire list of Boise State presenters, please see below:

Math faculty associated with the Computing PhD program

  • Associate Professor, Donna Calhoun, “ForestClaw: An Adaptive, Finite Volume, Cartesian Grid Solver Based on p4est”
  • Assistant Professor Michal Kopera, “NUMO – A New Non-hydrostatic Ocean Model for Fjord Circulation and Ice-sheet/Ocean Interaction”
  • Professor Jodi Mead, “Constrained Inversion for Subsurface Imaging”
  • Professor Grady Wright, “A High-order Meshfree Semi-Lagrangian Method for Advection on Manifolds: Mass-conservation”

Graduate Student Poster Presenters

    • Kathryn Drake (doctoral student in computing), “Fast Algorithms for Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Data on Healpix Points”
    • Andrew Jones (doctoral student in computing), “CFD Study of Varying Pebble Diameters in Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors”
    • Daniel Malmuth (master’s student in mathematics), “Meshfree Semi-Lagrangian Schemes for Advection on Surfaces: Polyharmonic Splines Augmented with Polynomials”
    • Sage Shaw (master’s student in mathematics), “A Comparison of RBF-FD Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations on Surfaces”

Undergraduate Poster Presenter

  • Scot Aiton (bachelor’s student in applied math, physics and computer science), “A Massively Parallel Solver for Poisson’s Equation on Block Structured Cartesian Grids”