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Student Engagement Survey Results Now Available

The results from the 2018 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), which is administered to first-year and senior students every three years, now are available on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness’s website.

Also available are two data briefs on the 2018 engagement results, which represent updates on briefs prepared on the 2015 results. The first brief examines the participation and effect of High-Impact Practices (HIPs) on student engagement.

Each of the different HIPs were positively associated with one or more engagement indicators, and two HIPs in particular – research with faculty, service-learning – were associated with a high number of engagement indicators. In addition, the research found that some groups of students do not participate in HIPs as much as others.

The second brief compares how Boise State students spend their time compared to students at peer institutions. Generally, Boise State students work more than peer students and also spend less time participating in co-curricular activities.