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Kris Campbell

This year the American Chemical Society (ACS) launched a new journal, Applied Electronic Materials, and a Boise State research team led by Kris Campbell has landed a spot in the very first issue for their novel work on a new type of transistor.

“The new transistor opens up an exciting avenue of research since it not only allows an electronic system to interface directly with an optical system, but we can use the transistor in many applications including: an optical amplifier; wavelength converter; cybersecurity interface; as a selector device in a memory array; and to directly imprint an optical image into a memory array for image storage,” said Campbell, an associate professor in the electrical and computer engineering department.

The featured work describes the transistor structure and materials and shows the transistor operating as a selector device for a memory element.

Campbell’s research team includes undergraduate electrical engineering students Randall Bassine and Jeremy Astle, and electrical and computer engineering doctoral student Faisal Kabir. Their unique work has led to a patent for Boise State and already has been licensed by a company hoping to use the technology in their products.

To learn more about the new transistor, please see the publication online here: