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Library Colloquium: ‘Maker Instruction through the Lens of Information’

Amy Vecchione
Amy Vecchione oversees Boise State’s MakerLab.

Amy Vecchione, an associate professor and head of Emerging Technologies and Experiential Learning at Albertsons Library, and Stephanie Milne-Lane, a University of Washington masters of library science student who interned at Albertsons Library in the MakerLab in 2018-19, will host a library colloquium at 1 p.m. on June 4 in room 201C of the Albertsons Library.

“In this presentation, we will discuss research and instruction in a makerspace setting and share the process of how we developed the maker instruction program at Boise State,” said Vecchione.

The presentation will include a discussion of a grant the library received from the Institute for Museum and Library Service in 2017 to support its programs.

As part of Milne-Lane’s internship, she and Vecchione explored the connections between the Association of College and Research Libraries Framework and the maker instruction offered. They will share their conclusions, as well as the final results of Milne-Lane’s capstone project: the Boise State University MakerLab Toolkit.

More about the MakerLab:

Since the creation of the Albertsons Library’s MakerLab in 2015, library faculty have partnered with teaching faculty across campus to embed emerging technology instruction practices into the services offered. The instruction program in the MakerLab has taken on a variety of iterations, working with over 40 different courses at Boise State University, and engaging more than 1,000 students per semester since Fall 2015.