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Maria Mitkova

Photograph of Maria Mitkova Accepting Award

Maria Mitkova, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, recently attended the 25th assembly of the Silver Jubilee Advanced Materials Congress held in Stockholm, Sweden. Mitkova was honored at the event, receiving the International Association for Advanced Materials medal.

Each year the association recognizes high-impact research and innovations which promote the advancement of materials. Recognized by the International Association for Advanced Materials for her outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials, Mitkova is proud to have received the award. Mitkova said her success is based on the excellent working environment in the College of Engineering.

“I have great opportunities to develop my research in a college known for its innovation, inclusion and integrity, where I am surrounded by a wonderful team of faculty and students,” she said.

Professor Mitkova’s current research interests are in the area of chalcogenide glasses and thin film microstructures.