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Google Renames Team Drives to Shared Drives

Google introduced Team Drives in 2017 as a shared drive feature with files owned and controlled by a team of individuals instead of a sole account owner.

Beginning June 3, Google is renaming Team Drives as Shared Drives in the web version of Google Drive. Functionality remains the same.

This name change is already in effect in the Google Drive app on mobile devices.

It may take several days for all Boise State G Suite accounts to reflect the Shared Drive name change on the web.

Benefits of Google Shared Drives

  • A team/group owns the files and folders instead of the individual who creates the file and folders.
  • Files or folders moved or added to a Shared Drive automatically inherit the drive’s permissions.
  • All team members see the same set of files.
  • Shared Drives have their own trash folder; files deleted in a Shared Drive can be restored by team members who are the manager, content manager, or contributor. (Files in trash permanently are deleted after 30 days.)

More Information

Visit Google’s website to learn more about how you can use Google Shared Drives at Boise State.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or