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Employees Report Pride in Work, Outline Areas of Improvement in First Listening Tour

Boise State employees are in general satisfied with their work-life balance and take pride in working for the university, but would like better compensation and more consistent job titles and duties, according to the first annual People Strategy Listening Tour. The survey was sent to 2,628 employees across campus and received a 51 percent response rate. In addition, more than 200 employees joined in live listening sessions. 

In March the Listening Tour was launched to discover employee engagement levels and hone in on strategic areas of improvement at Boise State. Campus was clear in identifying the elements that drive employee engagement. The survey uncovered areas of focus – compensation, transparency concerning policies and procedures, and professional development.

Human Resources will prioritize campus projects to focus on areas employee’s identified. Many of the projects Human Resources already has underway are supporting the important ideas campus requested in the survey. To keep up-to-date on the progress of projects that will impact positive change view the HR Project Google Site.

Next steps will be to work with divisions and colleges on area’s results to create a comprehensive People Strategy. For questions about the Listening Tour or People Strategy, please contact Human Resources at or (208) 426-1616.