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Drug Researchers and Others Asked to Save Information That Could be Related to Opioid Lawsuit

The State of Idaho has filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma L.P. and Purdue Pharma, Inc. – an opioid drug manufacturer – and members of the Sackler family who have ownership and control interests in Purdue. The lawsuit alleges that the Sacklers and Purdue engaged in an aggressive and deceptive marketing campaign regarding opioid drugs that has been a major contributor in the dramatic increase in opioid prescriptions, opioid addiction, and opioid overdoses in Idaho.

The State is suing to recover damages based on the increased burdens the opioid crisis has imposed on State resources and Idaho as a whole.

The Office of the Attorney General is asking Idaho public universities and other state agencies to preserve, and do not destroy any relevant evidence, including any university document, data, emails or other things (including research documents and data) that relate to:

  • the drugs buprenorphine (a.k.a. Butrans), fentanyl, hydrocodone (a.k.a. Vicodin), hydromorphone, morphine, codeine, oxycodone (a.k.a. Oxycontin), oxymorphone, tapentadol, naloxone (a.k.a. Narcan), or heroin; or
  • Purdue Pharma or any member of the Sackler family.

If the state destroys or discards relevant evidence, the Attorney General’s office said, the consequences can be harsh, including monetary penalties.

Please contact Boise State’s General Counsel at with questions.