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Boise State’s Blue Sky Institute Formalizes Leadership Team

Group of students and fellow that created the last sustainability report.
Students and fellows who created the 2018 sustainability report for Blue Sky Institute.

In order to better drive influential change in the Treasure Valley and the university, Boise State’s Blue Sky Institute has reinvented its administrative structure.

Founded in 2017, the Blue Sky Institute is a collaboration between the College of Business and Economics, the College of Health Sciences, and the School of Public Service that harnesses on campus resources to create cross-disciplinary and cross-sector partnerships between Boise State and the community. Its goal is to positively impact the community’s most entrenched social issues.

In order to achieve this goal, the Blue Sky Institute has formalized a leadership team to include all relevant college deans, as well as Interim Provost Tony Roark and Vice President of Student Affairs Leslie Webb.

With a robust leadership team and new program manager Kodi Romero in place, the Blue Sky Institute will focus its programming on the following pillars: diversity and inclusion, population health and impact measurement. Each pillar, or dedicated area of impact, has identified a local community leader to serve as a fellow. Fellow’s have subject matter expertise and are responsible for providing strategic leadership relating to their pillar.

“The progress that the Blue Sky Institute has achieved through formalizing pillars and a leadership team is already creating an impact on our campus and in the community,” said Tim Dunnagan, dean of the College of Health Sciences. “I am excited to see the growth of our university and the Treasure Valley through the numerous efforts of the institute.”

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