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Now Users Can Customize Their Services Menu in myBoiseState

The Office of Information Technology has updated to allow students, faculty and staff to customize the appearance of the services menu.

This new feature addresses feedback requests for additional customizations, and provides the ability to add the services users utilize most often and arrange those in the order that works best for each individual.

Here’s How It Works

When you log in to myBoiseState and go to your employee or student view, you’ll see a default menu of services:

Employee Services Menu

You can choose to add to, remove, and rearrange these items in your Services menu by selecting edit employee services (or edit student services) at the bottom.

Add a Service

Add a service to your menu by searching for a service, or choose from the list.

Click or tap the +Add button to add a service to your menu:

Add a Service

Remove a Service

Remove a service from your menu by clicking or tapping that item’s X button on your “my services” menu:

Remove a service

(If you accidentally remove a service you want to add back, simply follow the instructions above for Add a Service to restore it to your menu.)

Arrange the Order of Your Services

Click or tap on a service in your “my services” menu, and drag and drop to arrange the item’s order in your menu.

Customized My Services Menu

When you’re done, click back to your student or employee view.

Accessing Your Services

If you have access to both the student and employee views in, you have the ability to customize the services menus for both views.

In addition, you can always access your services from any page in by selecting your name at upper-right.

Services are available by clicking your name in myBoiseState at upper right
Drop-down menu of customized services, viewed by selecting your name at top-right in myBoiseState.

More Information

If you want to add a Service item to your menu that isn’t listed, or need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or