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Boise State Once Again Offers Deadline Extension for Wildland Firefighters

With fires escalating in Idaho and the West, Boise State University is extending the deadlines for firefighters for admissions, registration, fee payment, housing check-in and dropping or adding a class for fall 2019.

The university recognizes these students’ roles in protecting the state and region’s natural resources. Students providing proof of their status as a firefighter this summer will receive an extension through Aug. 30, 2019.

Boise State’s Office of Enrollment Services will coordinate all requests and will notify affected departments and faculty. Where possible, faculty have been asked to allow students to catch up with missed assignments. For courses where it is not reasonable to make up missed assignments, students will be withdrawn from the course without penalty. Assignments will not be waived.

Students are encouraged to return to campus as soon as feasible due to the difficulty involved in catching up. Student firefighters or a family member should contact the university at (208) 426-2384 for assistance.