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Duane and Lori Stueckle Boost Honors Education with Endowed Scholarship

The Honors College turns 50 this fall.

To mark the occasion, Boise residents and philanthropists Duane and Lori Stueckle have created a generous endowed scholarship to support honors students. Typical of their philanthropy to Boise State, their support comes at a crucial time; this year, the Honors College welcomed the single-largest freshman class in its history, pushing the honors population to more than 1,000 students.

Duane and Lori’s contribution provided much-needed support for the college’s rapid expansion. The couple also enrich the Honors College beyond their critical financial support. They have toured the Honors College facility, met with staff, attended Honors events and remain in close conversation with college leadership.

“From their early days as public school teachers to their diverse and successful ventures as entrepreneurs, Duane and Lori possess a fulsome perspective on the drive, discipline, work ethic and willingness to take risks that’s crucial to any student’s development,” said Honors College Dean Andrew Finstuen.

Those insights are rooted in Duane’s experience as the child of Volga German immigrants. That background has been instrumental to both Duane and Lori’s breadth of curiosity about the world, which aligns with the atmosphere of the Honors College.

Finstuen recalled a conversation with Duane that ranged from global travel, to farming in the Palouse, to their philanthropy across the university and the Treasure Valley. That expansive experience parallels the honors population, in which students proudly represent 55 majors, 20 states and more than a dozen countries. The 2019 freshman class alone boasts a ski instructor, surf team captain, theatre performer, a certified coral restoration diver, the founder of Running for Refugees, a licensed emergency medical responder, athletes, musicians and a budding entrepreneur.

Duane and Lori see giving back as an opportunity to express gratitude for the work of Boise State and for the city they have called home these past 40 years.

“We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to make these contributions to the Honors College,” Duane said. “We are lucky to live in a community with this energy, talent and excitement. We think it is a privilege to be able to support the students in the Honors College. Our support has been a gratifying experience for both of us.”

Above all, Duane and Lori want their scholarship to be a catalyst for others to support another 50 years of honors excellence. A recent pledge by current students and young alumni to create the “Broncos Supporting Broncos” endowed scholarship was particularly satisfying to the couple.

To join the Stueckles in giving the vital gift of scholarship to Boise State honors students, visit: