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Another success for Boise State-born company Lumineye

Participants talk at Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge
Megan Lacy at the 2018 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, College of Innovation and Design, Photo by Madison Park

Megan Lacy and Corbin Hennen founded their company, Lumineye, in 2017 when both were Boise State graduate students. Lumineye’s product is the Lux, a lightweight sensor that can detect the presence of people through walls to assist firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, as well as the military.

In the spring of 2019, Lumineye received a $120,000 grant at the U.S. Army’s xTechSearch Pitch Competition in Huntsville, Alabama. Lacy and Hennen recently returned to Alabama for the final round of competition and took home the $250,000 prize.

The company recently set up a local office at Trailhead, the coworking space in Boise’s BoDo neighborhood.

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