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Dark days made brighter with free bike lights from the Cycle Learning Center

As the days get shorter and many cyclists find themselves riding in the dark, the Cycle Learning Center will once again hand out free bike lights on the greenbelt 4:30-6 p.m. Nov. 4-6, or while supplies last.

Idaho state law requires all cyclists to have a front light and a rear reflector while riding at night. Riders in violation of this law could be ticketed by campus or city authorities.

The Cycle Learning Center has 300 sets of front and rear lights to give away. These lights can be picked up on the greenbelt or in person from the Cycle Learning Center at their location in the Lincoln Garage. Lights also can be purchased for as little as $15 once the supply of complimentary lights has been exhausted.

More tips for staying safe and comfortable while riding in the fall and winter can be found on the Cycle Learning Center’s web page.