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Kathy Araujo and colleagues win award on global biofuels article

Photo of Kathy Araujo
Kathy Araujo, Director of the Energy Policy Institute

Kathy Araujo, director of the Energy Policy Institute and associate professor in the School of Public Service, recently won an award for a co-authored article titled “Global Biofuels at the Crossroads: An Overview of Technical, Policy, and Investment Complexities in the Sustainability of Biofuel Development.” The article was awarded best paper in agriculture by MDPI, a publisher of open-access journals.

The article’s abstract reads: “Biofuels have the potential to alter the transport and agricultural sectors of decarbonizing societies. Yet, the sustainability of these fuels has been questioned in recent years in connection with food versus fuel trade-offs, carbon accounting, and land use. Recognizing the complicated playing field for current decision-makers, we examine the technical attributes, policy, and global investment activity for biofuels (primarily liquids). Differences in feedstock and fuel types are considered, in addition to policy approaches of major producer countries. Issues with recent, policy-driven trade developments are highlighted to emphasize how systemic complexities associated with sustainability must also be managed. We conclude with near-term areas to watch.”

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