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The Blue Review resumes publication

The Blue Review, Boise State’s journal of popular scholarship, has resumed publication after a brief hiatus. Published by the School of Public Service, the Blue Review publishes articles of interest to the university community as well as the public.

Recent articles have examined the history of Idaho’s prison for women, the 2020 Idaho legislative session and disruptive innovation in higher education.

The Blue Review is edited by School of Public Service interim associate dean Jen Schneider and co-edited by interim dean Andrew Giacomazzi.

“We’re very pleased to resume publication of The Blue Review,” said Giacomazzi. “Providing high-quality, accessible scholarship on subjects that are important to Idahoans is very much in keeping with the university’s state-mandated public affairs mission.”

A new feature called “5 Questions” provides an opportunity for experts from Boise State and the community to give a quick take on their work and pressing issues. Readers who only have a minute or two can learn about topics like glaciology, working in a crime lab or feminism in India.

“Our ‘5 Questions’ pieces have been especially well received,” said Schneider. “We’re excited about future articles we have lined up, and our partnership with our sister radio show at Radio Boise, Big Tent Radio. We’re striving to provide a wide range of timely content.”

Individuals can sign up to receive articles by email on the Blue Review website.

Writers who wish to submit articles for publication can find submission information on the website’s writer’s guidelines page.