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HR explains guidelines for current graduate assistantship positions

Boise State Human Resources (HR) is committed to getting the campus community more answers to all the lingering questions COVID-19 had brought to the table. Featured below is a newly answered campus question that will be added to the Employee FAQ page on the COVID-19 emergency website.

HR is here to help. Please email with questions or concerns.

What are the guidelines for current Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions?

The following guidelines are for students holding graduate assistantship (GA) positions under the governance of Policy 7170. Note: This does not include graduate students who are hired by the university in non-GA positions. Please refer to employment guidelines for further information about non-GA employed students or contact HR with any questions.

Graduate Assistants supported by appropriated and local funds

At this time, students in GA positions will continue to be paid their salary as originally stated, through the end of their contract date as indicated on the EAF.

All GAs should be encouraged to work remotely through the last day of their contracted work dates. For some students this date will be May 9, 2020; for other students, the contract dates will differ, ranging anywhere from early May to the end of August, 2020. In all cases, the actual end of the contract date should be honored.

Direct supervisors for GAs should assist with the transfer of previous duties to remote delivery whenever possible, or for appropriate social distancing when available and meeting university research guidelines.

If there is nothing from their previous duties that can be completed remotely or within current guidelines, supervisors are encouraged to work with students to identify other meaningful work that can meet social distancing requirements. For example, students may be able to remotely work on literature reviews, data analysis, planning, article writing, preparation of new projects, etc.

If or when there is no meaningful work available, the direct supervisor, working closely with their unit director, should explore the possibility of reassignment. If reassignment is possible, and there is a change in the majority job duties and/or the direct supervisor, then a revised EAF should be submitted to change the job title to reflect the majority duties and or supervisor name. Supervisors and unit directors are encouraged to first explore possible reassignment options within their own units and then colleges for acceptable transfer positions. If no local solution is available, the Graduate College will serve as a central location to assist with reassignment needs.

Supervisors should contact Kristen DeBoer at should they determine a reassignment is required and need assistance with finding a placement.

Please note that this guidance is subject to change as circumstances continue to evolve.

Graduate Assistants supported by external funding

Principle Investigators should reach out to their program managers to discuss what is possible regarding funding for graduate students. For example, students might be able to be assigned to other meaningful work that can meet social distancing requirements, such as working on literature reviews, data analysis, writing an article, preparation of new projects, etc.

Funding agencies have each established their own guidelines, which should provide direction for student support. Please contact Harold Blackman at with any questions.