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Biology faculty seeking participants for new non-invasive COVID-19 testing study

Associate professor of biology Brad Morrison is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a novel study. The goal of this study is to develop a new method for COVID-19 virus testing using a non-invasive method. Participants will need to volunteer about 10 minutes, and the study will adhere to all physical distancing guidelines.

While there is no direct benefit to study participants, this study could provide the foundation for the creation of a new COVID-19 virus test that is potentially less invasive than existing methods. This test also might allow for the examination of COVID-19 exposure status beyond the time frame allotted by nasal swab testing. As a result, this new test could benefit healthcare efforts and potentially have a beneficial effect on the reopening of the economy.

Time required (about 10 minutes)

Participants will contact the study coordinator, Morrison ( and schedule a time to visit a sample drop box located conveniently on the Boise State University campus (outside of the Science Building). Participants will arrive at a coordinated time at the drop box. Inside of the box the participant will obtain, read and sign an informed consent form (there is an extra copy for the participant to take), complete a very brief survey, remove the collection tube and place a biological sample into the tube (1-3 minutes is typical time required) and return the tube with sample to the drop box. Text or email the study coordinator immediately afterwards so that the sample can be obtained quickly for processing.

For those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, Morrison will arrange for delivery of the materials described above to the participant’s place of residence at a time of their convenience.


  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

COVID-19 virus status will not be provided to participants at the end of this study. To preserve patient confidentiality, any remaining patient samples will be destroyed and all patient data anonymized using a coding system.

Various groups needed:

  • If you have never had COVID-19 symptoms and are serum antibody negative (blood test). You must have been tested within the past two weeks. Nasal/mucosal swab COVID-19 testing status doesn‘t matter here, only individuals who have been previously received a negative serum antibody test (blood test).
  • If you have previously had COVID-19 symptoms and you had tested positive for COVID-19 by any CDC/NIH approved test (nasal swab or serum/blood testing).
  • If you have did not have COVID-19 symptoms (Asymptomatic) and you had tested positive for COVID-19 by any CDC/NIH approved test (nasal swab or serum/blood testing)

Photo of Brad Morrison in the labStudy contact:

For participation, please contact Morrison at