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Boise State COVID-19 poster templates, signage and other guidance for communicating through the pandemic

As students, staff and employees return to campus, it is imperative that the university send accurate, clear and consistent messages about the impacts of the pandemic to the campus community – including the behaviors required of faculty, staff and students – and the university’s steps to mitigate the spread and reintegrate campus.

Below you’ll find a list of resources for the campus community, including where to find university messaging and where to submit COVID-19 questions, and downloadable poster templates for your office and department.

It is vital that everyone – from administration officials to department leads – share information quickly and effectively, targeting audiences and utilizing the experts across campus. In order to do this, the university has created a new framework to disseminate timely, relevant and accurate information to its audiences, which will flow through the campus reintegration communications subcommittee.

Consistency is key with COVID-19 messaging

  1. All COVID- and reintegration-related messaging must adhere to the guidelines set by the reintegration communications subcommittee, and any suggested deviations must be approved by the committee. Questions for the campus reintegration communications subcommittee can be submitted to
  2. All COVID- and reintegration-related messaging should be kept as simple and directly referencing official approved language as possible. While the demand to answer detailed questions and concerns will continue to exist, these attempts to further explain the guidelines for any specific audience or set of circumstances can unwittingly introduce errors and conflicts in how the guidelines are interpreted. Many individual circumstances will require individual response. It is okay that not every detailed question is answered in a precedent-setting, final way.
  3. Suggested and approved language will be available online, and the cross-divisional group of communications experts on the subcommittee will be available to review and advise quickly when needed.
  4. All campus communicators should strive when possible to reference existing web content on the specifics of reintegration and COVID protections – as public health experts learn more, these specifics are subject to change, and that could quickly lead to conflicting information across university channels.

Process for communicating COVID-related content via email

All email communication that does not deviate from the approved language may be delivered to targeted audiences, following appropriate mass email communications procedures.

All email communications that are intended to provide further details or clarity in how to apply the guidelines or their effects on campus divisions should be submitted to for a quick approval process by the reintegration communications subcommittee.

All web pages should, whenever possible, link to the official guidelines and descriptions, which again are subject to change as information and expertise dictates.

All web sites that would add additional FAQs or guidance should be submitted to for a quick approval process by the reintegration communications subcommittee, which will keep a current list in case changes need to be made.

We Are Broncos. We’ve Got This Covered.

In addition, Boise State is proud to debut a new top-level university marketing campaign aimed at communicating the important role each individual plays in keeping campus open – and what everyone can do to follow community and university health guidelines.

There are multiple marketing channels and on-campus placements where this campaign will be highlighted over the next several months – including social media, where the campaign has launched.

More details are available in the Boise State Marketing Minds Hub, including how employees and departments can begin sharing the message.