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Beyond The Blue: Award-winning professor dedicated to improving the lives of osteoarthritis sufferers

Last spring, five professors at Boise State were named CAREER award winners by the National Science Foundation for the impact that they’re making through their individual research efforts. This group of five shattered an Idaho record for the most CAREER awards in one year, aligning Boise State with other institutions like Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

professional portrait of Clare
Clare Fitzpatrick

In the latest episode, Beyond The Blue focuses on Clare Fitzpatrick’s research. As an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, Fitzpatrick is dedicated to preventing osteoarthritis through a much more holistic understanding of the factors that cause and advance the disease, which impacts more than one third of the world’s population over the age of 65.

Fitzpatrick discusses why this research means so much to her, how she hopes to improve the lives of millions around the world, and how Boise State students can take part in this groundbreaking work. Listen to the episode on the Boise State Podcast webpage.

Several award-winning professors were profiled in previous episodes of Beyond The Blue to find out how their work is changing the world. Cathie Olschansky is paving the way for students at all levels – both locally and regionally – to develop significant careers in computer science. Mike Hurley’s innovative research in materials science is uncovering new insights that will help engineers all over the world build and use better, more durable materials.

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