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Keith Anderson authors book on how to become anti-racist

Keith Anderson, an educational specialist in the Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities, has authored the book From Racist to Non-Racist to Anti-Racist: Becoming Part of the Solution.

“This book was written for people who understand that to deal with racism, we need to unite and fight,” Anderson said. “Uniting allows people to use their skills and talents, in unique ways, to fight against the growth of racism.”

Anderson, an alumnus and former Boise State football player, used experiences he learned on the field to inform the book. Each chapter explores an aspect of racism, steps to become anti-racist, and short essays detailing Anderson’s thoughts on racism in America.

Anderson received a small stipend to complete his book through Boise State’s Center for Teaching and Learning’s Open Educational Resources Initiative. As such, it is available as a freely licensed textbook for courses at the university and other educational institutions. Faculty members interested in access to free digital copies are encouraged to contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.