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Fundraiser launched for Boise State staffer whose home was destroyed by wildfire

Susie Seltzer

Susie Seltzer, an administrative assistant in the School of Allied Health Sciences, recently relocated to Oregon to care for her mother during the pandemic. Just last week, a wildfire destroyed their home and everything inside.‬ A GoFundMe campaign currently is underway to provide financial support for Seltzer and her mother. The fundraiser was launched by Bob Wood, assistant dean of research for the College of Health Sciences and director of the School of Allied Health Sciences.

Wood provided the following comments on the GoFundMe page.

“On Thursday, Sept. 10, one of our staff, Susie Seltzer, and her mom lost their home in Oregon to the fires that are sweeping the West. They lost everything in the fire. They report that they do not have a lot of needs, but they have very little clothing. So this campaign is to help Susie and her mom by getting them some clothes and toiletries, etc. as well as other incidental costs while they await support from their insurance company. I hope you will join me in contributing to this campaign.”

Donations can be made on the Susie Seltzer Fire relief GoFundMe page.