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Various areas on campus designated for students to study, eat and complete classwork

As students navigate transitions between in-person and remote learning, the university has identified areas on campus that students can use to attend online classes or catch up on studying between breaks in their schedules. These rooms have been identified by the registrar’s office to offer the best availability to students attending in-person classes. Signs are posted on each room to indicate which classrooms can be used.

The expectations for students using these rooms are the same as for all students on campus: facial coverings must be worn at all times, furniture may not be rearranged and users should disinfect areas before and after use.

Students are reminded to be courteous of their peers when using these spaces. If others are present, students are asked to use headphones and speak only loud enough to be heard in their online environments as needed. Maximum occupancy numbers will also be posted outside of each room.

These locations are:

  • Micron Business and Economics Building, Room 2301
  • Liberal Arts Building, Rooms 105 and 107
  • All classrooms in Riverfront Hall except 303. Rooms 208 and 210 can only be used when classes are not in session
  • Ruch Engineering Building, Room 103
  • Albertsons Library, Room 201C

The university also has identified locations where students are permitted to remove their facial coverings for eating throughout the day. These areas are reserved for those actively eating or drinking only. Students are encouraged to quickly nourish themselves in these designated areas before moving along to their classes or a designated study area.

Students can find these areas in the following locations:

  • Education Building lobby
  • Multipurpose Classroom Building lobby
  • Bronco Gym lobby
  • Norco Building
  • Engineering complex
  • Student Union Building

A number of outdoor locations have also been prepared to allow eating, drinking and studying. While the weather allows, the outdoor areas around the quad, Micron Materials Research, and other tables close to buildings will provide good access to Wi-Fi.

Additionally, a number of spaces in the West Stadium parking lot can receive a Wi-Fi signal for those who wish to work inside their vehicle. The stalls with internet connections available are 287-294, 295-299, 252-272 and 202-221. Students do not need a valid permit to use these parking spots but they must remain with their vehicle at all times or the vehicles will be subject to citation.

The university’s public health office would like to thank all of the campus community for doing their part in navigating this altered experience dictated by COVID. While these restrictions may seem strict, they have been implemented in the best interest of the health of the student body and the surrounding community to ensure campus can stay open.