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Samia Islam and Michail Fragkias quoted in local article about wages and housing cost disparity

Samia Islam
Samia Islam
Michail Fragkias

Samia Islam and Michail Fragkias, associate professors in the Department of Economics, recently were quoted in the Boise Dev article, “Local home prices are rising fast. Median income is not.”

From the article:

“Part of the low inventory comes from people not putting their homes on the market as often as they did before, Boise State University Associate Economics Professor Michail Fragkais said. With prices being raised through the roof, even if residents were to sell their home, they might not be able to find another open house to move to.

With regards to the growing disparity between housing costs and wages, “One of the consequences of not being able to afford housing is they are being pushed out of the area where the jobs are, so what happens to these other opportunities that are associated with that access too?” Islam said. “It’s all connected.”