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Annual deadline for capital project requests is approaching

The annual capital projects request process is under way and the Capital Project Evaluation Committee (CPEC) is now accepting applications for new projects. The CPEC is identified via University Policy #9170: Capital Project Needs and is responsible for reviewing capital projects that are greater than $50,000 in expense, or that require any amount of Central Funds for completion.

These projects are formally identified as Capital Project Need Requests (CPNRs) and may include requests for new buildings, alteration, repair, demolition, remodeling, renovation or improvement of existing buildings or structures, the purchase and installation of equipment or furniture that is made a permanent fixture of the building.

The review of these requests happens annually and submissions will be considered in this cycle until Nov. 30. For questions about specific requests or the process in general, please contact Drew Alexander, Boise State’s capital asset and development manager.

If a department or college made a request during the 2019 process, they will not need to resubmit that request, and the committee will follow up with more information.