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Fridays with Frank Webinar: Elections Have Consequences

Archive photo of Frank Church at United Nations.
Archive photo of Idaho Senator Frank Church at the United Nations.

The Frank Church Lecture Series presents a timely topic on Oct. 30: Elections Have Consequences.

The online webinar features Donna Edwards, a former Democratic congresswoman who served five terms as Maryland’s first African American woman in Congress. She served on the Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure; Standards and Official Conduct; and Science, Space and Technology. She also was a member of the Democratic leadership team as co-chair of the House Democrat’s Steering and Policy Committee; and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Previously, she served as the executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence and of the Center for a New Democracy. Currently she is a contributor to MSNBC.

Her counterpart is former Republican Congressman Dennis Ross. He served four terms from Florida’s 15th Congressional District following eight years in the Florida State House of Representatives. Ross served on the House Committee on Financial Services. After leaving Congress, he joined Southeastern University as a Distinguished Professor and the Director of the American Center for Political Leadership; and became of counsel to the Ross Law Firm. Currently he serves as a Board Member of the Association of Former Members of Congress.

Larry LaRocco also will speak. LaRocco served two terms as U.S. Representative from Idaho’s First District, where he was on the House Banking and the Interior Committees. Previously he was North Idaho Field Director for Senator Church. Subsequent to Congress, he was a managing director of the American Bankers Association and founder of LaRocco and Associates. He serves on the boards of the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress where he was president; and the Frank Church Institute.

The lecture is from 10-11:30 a.m. Oct. 30. Recommended Reading: “Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century.”