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Boise State launches Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

In order to lead innovative cybersecurity research and advancement in Idaho and the region, Boise State has launched the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity, pending State Board approval.

The goal of the Institute is to facilitate strategic partnerships between industry, higher education and government to improve cybersecurity for the state and the nation. The Institute also will work to commercialize ground-breaking research and tools, and educate graduates to become the skilled cybersecurity workforce of the 21st century.

“From healthcare, to the economy, to local and federal government, to the individual holding a cell phone, there is no facet of our world and our lives that isn’t impacted by cybersecurity,” said Boise State President, Dr. Marlene Tromp. “The Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity serves as a premier driver for Idaho and regional cybersecurity by investing in transformative research, creating a career pipeline for students, and engaging with partners both locally and nationally.”

Headshot of Ed Vasko
Ed Vasko, Director of the institute for Pervasive Cybersecutity. John Kelly photo.

Due to the intrinsically pervasive nature of cybersecurity needs, the Institute’s vision is to embed cybersecurity education into curriculums regardless of career, college or major. One example of this is the university’s Cyber-Physical Systems Security-for-All certificate program that launched in fall 2020. This certificate provides a cybersecurity background for everyone with the objective to raise cybersecurity awareness across the campus, and empower students from all disciplines with the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

Director Edward Vasko, CISSP, a cybersecurity professional and entrepreneur with over 30 years of industry experience, leads the Institute. Prior to joining Boise State, Vasko established and held senior vice president roles with Avertium, and also founded and was CEO of Terra Verde, a Top-500 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with over 2000 clients around the world.

“One of the challenges of the 21st Century is turning back the tsunami of cyberattacks our nation, our economy and our citizens deal with daily,” said Vasko. “As these threats scale at a massive pace, our country faces an ongoing talent gap with a critical need for more outreach and recruitment for a diverse workforce to help turn back the tide. Boise State created the Institute of Pervasive Cybersecurity to ensure that anyone with interest and determination could enter the cybersecurity industry. Everyone can participate and be successful.”

To learn more, visit the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity webpage: