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Office of the Dean of Students offers resources for faculty and students in new webpage

The Office of the Dean of Students created a new webpage to provide resources in an effort to better support faculty as they navigate a new learning environment. This page is also aimed at helping faculty navigate concerns for student wellbeing.

Need faculty or student support?

On this new page, faculty can find resources about connecting students directly to helpful campus offices, sharing concern for students who are disengaging, communicating with unresponsive students, and setting boundaries to clarify one’s role as a supportive faculty member.

These strategies acknowledge the (mostly) virtual environment we are operating in right now, the limited time everyone has, and the crucial impact faculty communication has on student success. Visit this new Helpful & Supportive Communication page  to access education on our approach to Trauma Informed Support, email templates, and other reporting resources.

Academic Integrity Concerns?

Students might respond to stress in a variety of ways. One of these might be to not complete their own work. While academic integrity violations happen infrequently, when they do occur, they can be challenging.

Faculty certainly don’t have to deal with that challenge on their own. Madison Hansen is the Academic Integrity Program Director in the Office of the Dean of Students, and she is available to consult with faculty around a variety of academic integrity issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact her at

Want to bring some training to the team?

Check out the Skills Training and Prevention training offered to all on campus.