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Boise State on track to have record-breaking year in research and sponsored project awards

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 to the campus research community, Boise State University’s research awards have grown significantly over the past two years. To date, fiscal year awards for 2021 are up $4.6 million from fiscal year 2020 and up $10.8 million from fiscal year 2019 for the July through November time periods.

“This is remarkable momentum and a testament to the resilient nature of our community,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State president. “I want to congratulate all of our dedicated faculty and students who have continued to conduct innovative research and sponsored projects in spite of the challenges and complications of this year. Your devotion to the advancement of knowledge, to our students’ development, and to the betterment of the world is nothing short of inspirational.”

Awards support Boise State’s path-breaking research across its colleges and schools to impact a wide array of ongoing challenges. Currently funded research ranges from election cybersecurity, to evaluating how farmland conversion impacts the Treasure Valley, to better understanding the earthquake that shook the region in March, and even to revolutionizing aerospace manufacturing.

These awards not only support faculty in conducting research, but ensure that Boise State’s students gain first-hand educational experiences and opportunities to prepare them for professional success and workforce placement.

“This rise in research and sponsored project awards is further proof of Boise State’s dedication to advancing science and creative endeavors for the good of our region and for the world,” said Harold Blackman, interim vice president of the Division of Research and Economic Development. “Our distinctive faculty and students daily prove through interdisciplinary collaboration that innovative research is central to the mission of the university.”

Media Contact: Brianne Phillips, Research Promotions and Communications Specialist,