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Albertsons Library faculty publish article in library journal

Assistant Professors Rebeca Peacock and Heather Grevatt, Associate Professor Ellie Dworak, Temporary Reference Librarian Lindsay Marsh, and Associate Academic Program Coordinator Shelly Doty, all with Albertsons Library, have published the article Developing and Evaluating an Asynchronous Online Library Microcredential: A Case Study ( in the journal “Reference Services Review.”

The paper aims to describe the evolution of an academic library’s approach to first-year student information literacy instruction from face-to-face instruction to a fully integrated online microcredential. The design considerations, motivation theory, and evaluation methods used to create and evaluate the course are also discussed, with implications for future library microcredential design, integration, and research in campus first-year seminar courses. Their research uses data gathered from the Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse (aka the Library Badges) embedded in all University Foundations 100 and 200 courses.