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Gómez-Navarro becomes co-chair of Latin America and Spain Diaspora Exhibition

The Idaho Museum of International Diaspora has appointed Manuel Gómez-Navarro, adjunct faculty in the Department of World Languages, as co-chair of its Latin America and Spain Diaspora Exhibition.

The IMID, according to its webpage, “is an innovative multipurpose approach to a traditional museum model that will highlight the lives of diaspora groups from within Idaho and around the world through art, food, culture, music, literature, the environment, and additional creative platforms to invite and share the human journey stories.”

The Latin American and Spain Diaspora Exhibition will be a permanent exhibit space within the IMID. Gómez-Navarro’s virtual tour of Hostile Terrain 94, a recent participatory art installation in the Student Union Building at Boise State that detailed the dangers of undocumented migration, will be part of the exhibition.

Read more about Hostile Terrain 94: