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Castellano mentors students to a win in a national social media contest

Isaac Castellano, an assistant clinical professor in the School of Public Service, mentored a team of Boise State students to third place honors in a national social media competition hosted by the McCain Institute at Arizona State University.

Castellano’s work with the students included advising the team as well as scheduling and attending team meetings.

The McCain Institute’s Peer to Peer (P2P): Protective Project competition sought unique and creative solutions to counter targeted hate and violence. Students Liz Fuller, Carmen Bulovsky and Abby Woods gave a virtual presentation on the Boise S.E.E.D. (Students for Equity, Equality, and Diversity) project to a panel of scholars and leaders including former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.

In order to achieve the project’s goal of sustainably turning schools into barriers against hate in our community, the Boise State students partnered with local high school groups. The project also included meetings with a local human rights leader, a community presentation with local high school teachers, and mentorship of three high school student organizations in Idaho, Oregon, and California.

The Boise State students will split $1,000 in scholarship money.