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Current program prioritization efforts at Boise State

Program prioritization is a compulsory process of the State Board of Education for all Idaho universities. Universities are required to complete a program prioritization process by June 30, and repeat this process at least every five years with regular annual updates to the board. Program prioritization is designed to increase alignment of resources with mission and the strategic plan and priorities of an institution, and help make informed decisions through conducting a careful evaluation of programs and services.

To help support efforts and provide responses to questions, the Program Prioritization Coordinating Committee created this Google site that contains all necessary information regarding the Administrative & Support units program prioritization process and relevant materials. This site has an FAQ and other information that we hope will help your units as they are working on their program prioritization intake forms. If you have questions that have not already been answered, please submit it through the form available on this site (under FAQ tab). A parallel but distinct program prioritization process was completed recently for all academic programs .