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University Foundations 200 classes resume

On Wednesday, Boise State University informed faculty and students that University Foundations 200 (UF 200) courses will resume immediately online and asynchronously. Students will engage with faculty, receive and submit assignments, complete the course, and achieve their learning outcomes online—a mode of instruction with which students and faculty have become increasingly familiar over the last year. This decision was made in consultation with Hawley Troxell, a local law firm conducting an investigation into reports of mistreatment or bias against students for their beliefs or values.

“This decision enables students to continue their education while the investigation into serious allegations continues,” said Boise State University Interim Provost Tony Roark. “The goal of suspending these courses was to enable the investigation to begin and ensure that this course lives up to our standard of mutual respect for faculty and students.”

Both students and faculty received information on how to report any concerns they may have related to the UF 200 course.