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Student-led gatherings of up to 50 people are now allowed

Following recent announcements by the state of Idaho, Central District Health, and the City of Boise, Boise State is allowing student-led gatherings of up to 50 people to take place. Guests must be members of recognized university student organizations, university departments or colleges.

If other Boise State campus community members want to host gatherings, they must seek approval from the appropriate vice president. The gathering capacity applies to both indoor and outdoor event spaces. All current campus COVID protocols, including requiring facial coverings, practicing physical distancing, and engaging in sanitation practices are still in effect.

Events for and by non-university, third-party organizations are restricted at this time to help keep our Boise State community safe.

When considering plans for your in-person event, visit University Event Services and refer to the In-Person Event Guidelines.

If you believe your program or gathering should be reviewed for special consideration outside of the guidelines, complete and submit the in-person event exception request form. Requests will be routed to the Public Health Office and the Vice President In-Person Event Exception Request Form – University Event Services for University Affairs and Chief of Staff for review.

Contact University Event Services with any questions:, (208) 426-1677,
Student Union Building, second floor, 1700 W. University Dr.