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Grasmick retires from Controller’s Office

Financial Services, Controller 2, Jami Grasmick, Photo by Emma Thompson

Jami Grasmick, fixed assets financial technician, will retire on March 31 after having served Boise State since 2014 and Boise City for many years prior to that.

During her time at Boise State, Grasmick played a key role in asset management where she was able to build relationships with departments across campus. She also worked on moving the surplus form to an online format. This will save immense amounts of time and paper for all of campus.

Grasmick has been known for her dedication to her team, her consideration for others, being a mentor for student employees and her fascinating life stories. She is also one of the founding members of the Controller’s Office Team Building Committee which works to unite staff across different areas of the department.

“Jami is always willing to help anybody with anything and is very conscientious. She is always a pleasure to be around. I for sure will miss her a lot. She does her job so well,” said Sue Riley, senior financial systems analyst.

“Working with Jami has been like working with an old friend from my first day onward. She’s always been one of the most reliable when I need help with my job but I also go to her for advice on gardening, a good place to eat, sights to see in Boise, even buying a refrigerator. I’m pretty sure she’s been working at something since the day she was born so she absolutely deserves to finally relax with her family and not even think about Monday morning responsibilities. She’s helped me so much and I will miss her immensely but I know that if I need her she is still a phone call away,” said Alia Akase, fixed assets accountant.

Grasmick has appreciated the people she has had the opportunity to work with across the university and the dedication the community pours into pushing research forward.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting the people. I have met so many awesome people here and have many new friendships from my time here. I hope Boise State continues to grow as a research institution,” Grasmick said.

“Jami likes people. She is kind and generous. She has been able to make connections all over campus. People want to help her get her job done because of the connections she creates. I have never worked with someone more enthusiastic about working as a team and getting the job done,” said Pat Shelton, former fixed assets officer.

“Jami will take you under her wing and take care of you. She sees your needs and volunteers before you ask. Do you need a ride to the store but you don’t want to ask? That’s OK because Jami sees your need and volunteers to take you and she has so much real world experience that she can help you with almost any problem you have. She lives life to the fullest and her glass is always half full,” said Shelton.

“Jami was instrumental in upgrading the asset model from PeopleSoft to Oracle. She entered thousands of pieces of information and did it without complaint. She organized the annual inventory and campus departments thanked her for saving them time. She virtually took a federal auditor all over campus to find equipment and had it so organized that they completed the task in one day. I will always be thankful that Jami was on my team. I couldn’t have worked with a better person,” said Shelton.

“Jami is someone that you can always count on to splash you with a bit of joy. Whether she greets you with a smile as you meet her in the hallway or she shares with genuine excitement the interesting piece of scientific stuff that she just tagged or some of her amazing life experiences. Everyone on campus is going to miss her; I know I will,” said Suzanne Adams, Controller.

The Controller’s Office is hosting a Zoom celebration to thank Grasmick on Monday, March 29 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. The celebration is open to anyone who would like to wish her well.