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Boise State updates its business minor and certificates

Micron College of Business and Economics Building, John Kelly photo

Boise State’s College of Business and Economics has rebranded its business minor and certificate programs under a new name: +Business. Formerly called “Business Bridge to Career,” the +Business courses are accessible, flexible and delivered entirely online.

Mark Bannister, dean of the college said, “This change aligns with the university’s new strategic plan emphasis on improving educational access and student success. +Business is designed to bolster student career-readiness, by providing innovative business courses to non-business majors. These skills can be used in the job market and to successfully navigate life.”

Any non-business major at Boise State can benefit by adding business knowledge to their chosen field of study. The +Business minor prepares graduates for the challenges of a competitive job market, providing liberal arts, health science, engineering and other students with complementary valuable tools that differentiate them in the job market. Students develop sufficient business knowledge to successfully navigate business challenges in a variety of career settings and environments. It enables students to lead others, make financial decisions, and to create value in an organization.

The curriculum has been updated and the program’s schedule has changed from the regular 15-week sessions to seven-week sessions. This provides students with the option to complete the minor or certificate faster and with greater flexibility to accommodate their other majors across campus and online.

+Business minor or certificate focus areas include:

  • Leading and managing people and teams (BUSBTC 310 Creating Value with People)
  • Developing and selling products and services (BUSBTC 320 Creating Value with Customers)
  • Measuring and managing profitability and investments (BUSBTC 330 Creating Value Through Investment)

Associate Dean Kit Scott said, “There are a wide range of valuable undergraduate degrees offered at Boise State University which can have additional value added with the +Business minor or certificate. With this option, we can blend the best of other undergraduate degrees with business.”

More information on +Business, including program-specific details, can be found on the College of Business and Economics website.