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+Business Minor and Certificate

+Business courses are flexible and delivered entirely online. It’s easy to add a business minor or certificate to your current or previous degree.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-business majors are encouraged to register for the +Business certificate or minor through the College of Business and Economics.

Build Business Skills

Foundational business skills are necessary to succeed in any career. In the +Business minor or certificate, you will learn from experienced instructors and gain practical skills through customizable courses.

+Business minor or certificate focus areas include:

  • Leading and managing people and teams (BUSBTC 310 Creating Value with People)
  • Developing and selling products and services (BUSBTC 320 Creating Value with Customers)
  • Measuring and managing profitability and investments (BUSBTC 330 Creating Value Through Investment)

You will also complete a team-based capstone course to integrate your career goals with the business skills you have gained.

Program Information

Please note that this program was formerly named “Business Bridge to Career.” Some university pages retain the old name and should be updated May 1, 2021.

  • +Business Certificate: 12 credit program. Click the course number to see a description of the course.
  • +Business Minor: 18 credit program. Click the course number to see a description of the course.

Register for the +Business Minor or Certificate

+Business Minor and Certificate Faculty and Staff

The Plus Business Program is located in the College of Business and Economics at the Micron Business and Economics Building. In the list below, you will find contact information for our full-time faculty members, adjunct instructors and staff.

For adjunct instructors office hours, please consult your course syllabus or contact faculty directly.