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+Business Minor and Certificate

+Business courses are flexible and delivered entirely online. It’s easy to add a business minor or certificate to your current or previous degree.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-business majors are encouraged to register for the +Business certificate or minor through the College of Business and Economics.

Build Business Skills

Foundational business skills are necessary to succeed in any career. In the +Business minor or certificate, you will learn from experienced instructors and gain practical skills through customizable courses.

+Business minor or certificate focus areas include:

  • Leading and managing people and teams (BUSBTC 310 Creating Value with People)
  • Developing and selling products and services (BUSBTC 320 Creating Value with Customers)
  • Measuring and managing profitability and investments (BUSBTC 330 Creating Value Through Investment)

You will also complete a team-based capstone course to integrate your career goals with the business skills you have gained.

Program Information

  • +Business Certificate: 12 credit program. Click the course number to see a description of the course.
  • +Business Minor: 18 credit program. Click the course number to see a description of the course.

Register for the +Business Minor or Certificate

+Business Minor and Certificate Faculty and Staff

The +Business Program is located in the College of Business and Economics at the Micron Business and Economics Building. In the following list, you will find contact information for our full-time faculty members, adjunct instructors and staff.

For adjunct instructors office hours, please consult your course syllabus or contact faculty directly.