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Research team coauthors “Collaborative Science and Engineering and the Quantum DNA Research Group”

A collaborative Boise State materials science and engineering research team recently published “Collaborative Science and Engineering and the Quantum DNA Research Group” in Boise State news. This team included research program manager John Hall, post doctoral research fellow Matt Barclay, senior research scholar Daniel Turner, research scholar Ryan Pensack, distinguished research fellow Bernard Yurke, and professor William Knowlton

An excerpt from the article reads: “One such example of a complex and societally relevant challenge is the arena of quantum information science (QIS). The basis of QIS delves into the underpinnings of quantum physics. And its applications, or quantum information technology, potentially impact a broad swath of economic and societal interests, including quantum computing (faster computers to solve currently unsolvable problems in medicine, materials research, weather forecasting, space travel, etc.), quantum sensing (highly sensitive sensors), entangled photon emitters (entangled light source to examine emergent light-matter interactions), and quantum communication (transfer of information with high fidelity and protection) to name a few. The importance and impact of QIS has captured the attention of nations worldwide. As one example, on December 21, 2018 the National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law, which supports quantum research and development in the United States. To understand QIS, and successfully apply that understanding to address societal needs, will require not only insights from multiple disciplines, but also new types of collaborations among industry, government laboratories, and academic institutions.”

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