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Meet afternoon spring commencement speaker Kylie Rodgers

Commencement speaker Kylie Rodgers, Theatre Major/Dance Minor, photo by Priscilla Grover

Boise State is proud to present Kylie Rodgers as one of three Boise State University spring 2021 commencement speakers. Rodgers will be speaking at the 4 p.m. ceremony on April 8. Rodgers graduates magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts in theatre and a minor in dance.

Rodgers hails from Vancouver, Washington, and her academic career and performance portfolio are testaments to a passion for creativity, imagination and diligence. As a student at Boise State, Rodgers dove headlong into the world of theatre, specializing in acting, dance, directing and choreography, but also playing the roles of seamstress, lighting tech, stagehand, carpenter and many others.

“Art is a universal language that far surpasses language barriers,” said Rodgers. “I create to process my emotions, my world around me, to tell stories, and to be in community with other creators. There’s something about creating something from nothing that feels vulnerable yet powerful; intimate and yet exposed at the same time.”

Commencement speaker Kylie Rodgers, photo by Priscilla Grover

In addition to being in 15 dance and theatrical productions at Boise State and five independent short films, Rodgers also choreographed the piece ‘‘Ballad of a Broken Man” for the Idaho Dance Theatre for her senior project.

Professor and artistic director of the Idaho Dance Theatre, Marla Hansen, spoke of Rodgers, saying, “I have worked with Kylie in many capacities over the last four years. She is one of the most creative, intelligent, reliable and kind people I have ever known. Kylie approached me about choreographing for Idaho Dance Theatre. I immediately said ‘Yes’, knowing full well that it would be an excellent piece, based on her previous work, and that she had the maturity and confidence to work with professional dancers.”

Post graduation, Rodgers says she is excited to be stepping into the role of competitive dance coach for Idaho Rhythm, and continuing to pursue the arts as a career. She credits the Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing for helping her grow as an artist, most notably faculty members Hansen, Gordon Reinhart, Raquel Davis, Richard Klautsch, Darrin Pufall-Purdy, Mike Baltzell, Ann Price, Laura Sunderland, Jessica Morris, Jaime McLean and Yurek Hansen.

Rodgers is especially grateful to her family for supporting her in her decision to follow her heart and pursue an education and career in the arts.

“My parents, Geoff and Jenae Rodgers, have always supported me, mentored me and provided for me to go to college to pursue something I love. They have always believed in me and have worked hard to provide opportunities for me growing up in the arts!”

Commencement speaker Kylie Rodgers, photo by Priscilla Grover