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Update on interoffice campus mail services

Central Postal Services scaled back pickup and delivery of interoffice campus mail for many buildings and areas last year due to the pandemic.

As many faculty and staff continue to work remotely there has been some confusion about where to drop off interoffice campus mail. Please do not drop off interoffice mail at Bronco Express in the Student Union Building — Bronco Express does not deliver interoffice campus mail.

Contact Central Postal Services to resume pickup and delivery services for your department or area if needed, or drop off interoffice campus mail at the “Anytime” Campus Mail Drop Box located in Room 110 of the Administration Building. This mail is picked up daily at 2:30 pm. (You can also drop off personal mail as long as it has the proper postage.)

For questions or additional information about sending interoffice mail, outgoing mail or packages, or bulk mail services please visit the Office of Information Technology’s Mail Services website.