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Boise State and Healthcare Financial Management Association launch new master’s program

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Patrick Sweeney photo

Boise State University has partnered with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to launch a new population and health systems management master’s degree to bridge the gaps between the clinical, operational and financial segments of the healthcare industry. The program will explore the relationship between epidemiology and actuarial science in the context of population health. Students will have opportunities to practice the business intelligence and management skills necessary to be successful in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

“Our desire is to create innovative new programs partnering with industry leaders to bridge the gap between higher education and industry and build greater relevance and value into our programs,” said Boise State President Marlene Tromp.

Courses will cover the basics of insurance with analysis dissecting to the patient level to create care plans and practices that mitigate risk, promote best patient outcomes, and find real solutions to current and future community wellness needs. The program will provide the modern needs in healthcare education through the lens of population health, risk mitigation and finance. Along with the degree, graduates will receive four industry-recognized certifications from the HFMA.

“The creation of this partnership and industry game-changing master degree program will build the knowledge base of future healthcare leaders,” said Tim Dunnagan, dean of the College of Health Sciences. “It will push the needle in healthcare delivery progression and payment transformation.”

The program is currently accepting applications for fall 2021. Learn more at