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Delphi Project recognizes Boise State’s support of adjunct faculty

The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success, part of the University of Southern California’s Pullias Center for Higher Education, featured Boise State in its publication “Designing Accessible and Inclusive Professional Development for NTTF” (Non-tenure track faculty) and summarized the university’s efforts in a resource document on its website.

“The Center for Teaching and Learning has supported adjunct faculty since our inception, and we will continue to provide and expand our offerings and advocacy for this important faculty group. The Delphi Project’s inclusion of Boise State in their report and resources not only allows our work to be an example for other institutions but also demonstrates that we are at the forefront of these kinds of efforts,” said Dan Sanford, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Heather Sanders, online faculty technology specialist in the School of Social Work said, “The Delphi Project’s report offers a rare peek into other colleges/universities divergent ways of supporting faculty. I am eager to discuss this information with my department and align our current support system with others described by the researchers.”

The Pullias Center is “the world’s leading research center on student access and success in higher education,” advancing “innovative, scalable solutions to improve college outcomes for underserved students and to enhance the performance of postsecondary institutions.”