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Support now available for macOS Monterey on university-owned computers

The Office of Information Technology now provides support for macOS 12 (“Monterey”) for university-owned Apple computers.

Monterey may not support older software or hardware, so if you use software that hasn’t been updated in several years, or have older peripherals or a seasoned printer, we advise you to contact the Help Desk for consultation before you proceed with the update.

Faculty and staff may contact the Help Desk to arrange an appointment for the upgrade or proceed on their own by selecting System Preferences > Software Update and following instructions to update to Monterey.

It’s important to create a backup of your system before you update, so please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance. The Help Desk is available at (208) 426-4357 or

Visit Apple’s website for detailed information about the macOS Monterey operating system.