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Amazon selects Boise State as education partner

Amazon selected Boise State as an education partner for their Career Choice program, which provides Amazon’s hourly employees access to all the university’s degrees and coursework.

Amazon’s Career Choice program is an education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success, at Amazon or elsewhere. The program meets individual learners where they are on their education journey through a variety of education and upskilling opportunities. These include full college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to in-demand jobs, and foundational skills such as English language proficiency, high school diplomas, and GEDs.

Amazon’s Career Choice program has a rigorous selection process for third-party partner educators, choosing partners that are focused on helping employees through their education programs, assisting them with job placements, and, overall, offering education that leads to career success.

“We are delighted to partner with Amazon, one of the Treasure Valley’s newest major employers, to offer flexible academic programming,” said Dr. Marlene Tromp, Boise State president. “These kinds of partnerships improve access to higher education and benefit all of us. Providing a variety of educational opportunities to Amazon’s employees enables them to advance their careers and helps prepare Idaho’s workforce for the future.”

This adds to growing momentum for Boise State after the university received recognition by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 50 most innovative universities in the country in 2021. With 100,000 living alumni and nearly 70 percent of graduates staying in the area, employees of Amazon are joining one of the fastest-growing educational communities in the country.

Amazon is investing $1.2 billion in the U.S. to upskill more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help move them into higher-paying, in-demand jobs.

“We’re looking forward to Boise State coming on board as an education partner for Career Choice, adding to the hundreds of best-in-class offerings available to our employees,” said Tammy Thieman, global program lead of Amazon’s Career Choice program. “We’re committed to empowering our employees by providing them access to the education and training they need to grow their careers, whether that’s with us or elsewhere. We have intentionally cultivated a partner network of third-party educators and employers committed to providing excellent education, job placement resources, and continuous improvements to the experience. Today, over 50,000 Amazon employees around the world have already participated in Career Choice and we’ve seen first-hand how it can transform their lives.”

More information on Amazon’s Career Choice program can be found on their website: About Amazon Career Choice.