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Student Financial Services launching new payment processor June 1

Boise State’s Student Financial Services has partnered with Transact Campus to enhance online payment services in the my.BoiseState Student Central system beginning June 1, 2022. Transact provides a secure way for students, and others, to make online payments for charges such as tuition and fees, housing, dining, health insurance, etc., via credit card, ACH, or wire.

In addition to a streamlined user experience, Transact also offers several additional features.

  • Stored Payment Data: Students and other payers will no longer need to enter their bank account or credit card information every time that they want to make a payment. Instead, payment data can be stored in the Transact system for future use.
  • International Payments: Student accounts are now integrated with Flywire Corporation through the Transact system, allowing students to perform real-time currency conversions and wire funds from anywhere in the world through their local bank.
  • 529 Payments: Student accounts are now integrated with selected 529 companies through the Transact system, allowing students to perform real-time payments from their college savings plan.
  • Payment Plans: Transact Campus provides students with the opportunity to enroll in payment plans for tuition and fees with the ability to schedule auto-payments.
  • Payer: Transact provides users with the ability to allow “payers” to have access to make payments on their student account. If a student currently has an “authorized user” on their account a new “payer” will need to be created as of June 1, 2022.

Payments made by eCheck or ACH will be assessed a $0.50 service fee. Credit card payments will continue to carry a 2.75% service fee for domestic credit card transactions and a 4.25% service fee for international credit card transactions.

Contact Student Financials at or visit their help page for more information.