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1098-T Tax Form

Video Transcript

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Hi Broncos. Every January Boise State University sends out 1098-T tax forms to all students to report payments made to qualified tuition related expenses, and scholarships and grants received. Let’s take a look.

Sign in to, then student center. Your student center will open in a new tab or window, so make sure to disable your pop-up blocker. Select the student financials tile. Next, click select view 1098-T from the menu on the left. You should see a list of the tax forms you have available. Click on the year you wish to view. Again, this will open in a new window and you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to see the form.

When you completed your financial responsibility agreement before enrolling, you opted-in to online access to the form, but if you ever want to opt-out of electronic access please contact our office. Student financial services is not able to provide tax advice, so please consult with a tax professional if you have questions about your form.

Good luck with your taxes, and go Broncos.

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Complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement

Video Transcript

Hi Broncos. Today we’re going to talk about the financial responsibility agreement. Students must complete this agreement before enrolling in classes each semester. This video will show what the process looks like on your My Boise State student center. You can also find step-by-step instructions with screenshots by searching for student center help on

First, sign in to my boise state. Click student center. Click on the tasks tile. From here you should see your to-do list. Click on the financial agreement. You may see more than one if you are eligible to enroll in multiple terms, but you only need to complete the agreement if you want to enroll in classes.

First, read through the instructions. Please note that all items must be completed and you must click finish before you are eligible to register. Click begin agreement. Then, click next. Review your addresses. From this screen you can add a new address or click on an existing address to update it. If your addresses are correct click confirm, and then click next. Then review our email addresses and phone numbers. Again, you can click an item to change it or click the plus sign to add a new item. Click confirm, and then click next.

Finally, read through the financial agreement. These terms are required to be agreed to before you can register for classes. You can find a printable version and a text version of this agreement on the student financial services website. Click accept if you agree. Click next to continue.

You’ve now completed the financial responsibility agreement. Click finish. Your hold should automatically be removed to allow you to register for classes during the term you selected.

If you have any trouble or need additional information feel free to reach out to student financial services by our website, email, phone, or the chat function on our page. Thanks Boise State, and go broncos.

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How to Navigate the Student Center

Video Transcript

This video will show you a brief overview of how to navigate the My Boise State system and Student Center. From the My Boise State page, you will see an overview of academics, schedule, and student account. You’ll also see links to Bronco Mail,Canvas, and the Student Center.

Today we’ll focus on the sections that impact student finances. First let’s look at tasks. These are important to check and review. You can click on each one to get more details. Holds are items that might impact your finances, enrollment, transcript access or other student functions. You can click on them for more information. Let’s go back to the student home page.

Under update personal information you can double check your phone number, address, emergency contacts, and other personal info. It’s a good idea to check this regularly and make sure your information is correct.

The student financials section is where you’ll find details about your charges and payments. The menu on the left contains several different options to help you understand your finances. Account inquiry shows an overview of charges and payments on your student account. You can click account details to navigate to our payment processor, transact canvas, where you can see a detailed breakdown of your charges. Make sure to disable your pop-up blocker to allow the site to open.

Charges due, will also take you to transact canvas allowing you to make a payment on your fees. If you need to split your tuition up into installments you can click enroll in payment plan and see available payment plans for your charges.

We strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit. This allows any refunds from financial aid or tuition payments to go straight into your bank account, eliminating extra paper and postal delays and reducing the chance of lost or stolen checks.

The term summary report is an official statement of charges and payments. Click the link for the semester you need and a PDF statement will be sent to your bronco mail within a few minutes.

The 1098-T is the tax form we provide each January to show payments made towards qualified tuition and related expenses. You can click the year you wish to view and the form will open as a PDF. You are automatically opted-in to online access each semester when you complete your financial agreement before enrolling. You will notice you are unable to click the grant content button to consent to online access because it’s already been completed.

Finally, view my refunds will show you information about refunds that we’ve sent to you. This can include financial aid, tuition overpayments, or other types of funding. You can view the details to get more information including refund format, address, amount, and a description of what was refunded.

If you ever need more information or help navigating your page try checking out the student financials website. Navigate to for student financial services. Our website contains lots of useful information, especially the student center help page. This page offers step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to perform most of the financial functions on your student center. You can also find our contact information including chat, email, and phone details. Please feel free to get in touch if we can be of any assistance. Thanks, and have a successful semester.

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