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Nuclear Energy Student Club approved by American Nuclear Society

The College of Engineering’s Nuclear Energy Student Club received approval from the American Nuclear Society as a student section of the organization, one of two new sections approved by the society’s board of directors.

Student sections are critical to the society’s goal of aiding the next generation in their pursuit of advancing, fostering, and promoting the development and application of nuclear sciences.

“I am beyond excited for the opportunities that the student section will provide for students,” said Brian Jaques, faculty advisor and assistant professor in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering. “The section provides a mechanism for students to learn and advocate for nuclear energy with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, which is an amazing opportunity.”

Jaques, a Center for Advanced Energy Studies fellow, researches nuclear energy as a joint appointee with the Idaho National Laboratory, while also overseeing the new student section.

The Boise State student section leaders have spent countless hours growing the club, gaining university and state recognition, and providing public awareness through outreach, INL tours, and community service activities.

“When we started the Nuclear Energy Club a couple years ago, I don’t think any of us imagined that we would hit such a high level of engagement, interest, and support at the quick rate that we did,” student leader Timothy Phero said. “This growth shows that our local community not only has an interest in nuclear energy, but is eager to learn more about how to engage and advocate for this clean, carbon-free energy source.”

With the resources provided by the American Nuclear Society, the Boise State student section will continue communicating, advocating, and promoting the society’s mission to the community and to more Boise State students.

“The section brings awareness and excitement about Idaho’s rich nuclear energy history to the community, in addition to introducing our future nuclear energy workforce to the vast opportunity and promise,” Jaques said.